Welcome Package for Foreign Students in Buenos Aires



It will only take yew a few days to figure out that one of the keys to living like a porteño is having your own mate set. DormsBA's first gift to you is this cool and modern designer mate to take to the park or university or even to keep in your apartment to share a mate with friends. And when you go home after your stay, you'll be able to teach your friends how to make Argentine mate! The Mate kit is from matemateo.com/


Discount and Benefits card for Students in Buenos Aires


The BAIS card is just for foreign students in Buenos Aires. With it, you'll get exclusive special offers for entertainment, restaurants, clothing stores, travel and more! Free passes and incredible discounts will help you save money while still frequenting the best places in Buenos Aires. Not only that, but it will link you will a network of foreign students just like you.Click here for more information.


Offers available with a minimum stay of one month. One card per guest. One mate per apartment.